Book Review: Barking Mad- Confessions of a Dog Sitter is one you need on your shelf now

Have you ever started reading a book, and within the first few pages, you realized you were in love – with the characters, the plot line, the writer’s style … you were in love with the book?

That’s what happened to me when I started reading the novel, ‘Barking Mad – Confessions of a Dog Sitter.’

Jane Mosse, you are now right up on list of my top five favorite writers!

No, no, there wasn’t any huge climax or death scenes or violent crime scenes or any erotica, unless you count … Nope, this quirky yet very appealing novel about Chris and her husband, Rob, early retirees who decided to take on a ‘second career’ as house sitters and dog watchers … pause … if I may use some of my native Southern tongue … y’all, this book is good with a capital GOOD.

After their own pets are gone, Chris and Rob are feeling a bit like ‘fish flopping out of water’ with an empty house and nothing particular to do during the day. That is until the couple comes up with what Chris’ brother thinks is a bit of a crazy thing … they are going to become dog and house sitters for no pay … just for the adventure of it all.

For their new lives, sans dogs and children, traveling, staying for free in other folks’ homes and making sure their pets are in good shape fits for Chris and Rob.

Mosse takes such a simple story and makes it into one of the most endearing works I have read in the last two years – and such a welcome change after all the mundane, political and depressing stuff that folks have put out in the literary world.

Animal lovers, and well, even non-animal lovers, will get a joyful kick in the pants after taking a spin through the pages of this wonderful piece of modern literature.

I laughed, smiled, giggle, and felt all sorts of warmth, while at the same time found myself shaking my head, and talking back during certain moments – like I was actually in the scenes that Mosse expertly and passionately composed.

Way to go, Ms. Mosse, way to go.

Very rarely do I give a book a five star review – I look at content, and ease of reading, but also, sometimes, I do look at grammar, mechanics and formatting.

I just have to say, after reading this one. I am giving it a five star review.


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